Cinema Odeon, Monday March 18th, 9.30 AM

Cinema Bristol, Tuesday March 26th, 9.30 AM

Cinema Odeon, Spazio Salotto, Friday March 22, 6 PM

Castel San Pietro Terme, Cinema Teatro Jolly, Friday April 5th, 6.30 PM and Saturday April 6th, 5 PM

Category: Professionals

FRAGOLE (Strawberries)

Direction, subject: Alessandro Sasha Codaglio; screenplay: Alessandro Sasha Codaglio, Marco Colabraro; image: Giuseppe Ceravolo; editing: Valerio Galbiati, Davide DaveSmerieri; music: MissinCat; interpreters: Manuel Rotta, Giuseppe Vitale, Federica Bridda, Emilia Scarpati, RenèNycolHahui, Ludovica Massa;  producer: Marta Zucchiatti; production: Pandua and Feedback Audiovideo; distribution: Premiere Film Distribution, Italy, 2018, 14’ 31’’Regional premiere

Half of 80’s. Giulio, six years old, is allergic to strawberries. One day his mum discover him eating in secrets strawberries. To avoid the punishment Giulio locks himself in the bathroom starting a trench war. Some years later Giulio recognizes the same process of emancipation in his daughter.

Alessandro Sasha Codaglio, graduated in Milan in Communication and Society and also at the Civic School of Milan in Cinema, Television and New Media in 2006 and then in the same year he founded the production company Feedback Audiovideo. Since 2012 he dedicated to direction and  producing video clips, documentaries, advertising, television programs and branded content.

Cinema Odeon, Monday March 18th, 10 AM

Cinema Odeon,Spazio Salotto,Friday March 22nd, 6 PM

Castel San Pietro Terme, Cinema Teatro Jolly, Friday April 5th, 6.30 PM and Saturday April 6th, 5 PM

Category: School


Direction, editing: Gisella Gaspari and Gabriele Marchiani; workshop held by:Irene Maria Olavide;

sound: Gianluca Grazioli (Pecos); produced and distributed by: CEIS A.R.T.E. social co-operative, Italy, 2019, 6’29’’

Italian premiere

Benkelema is a video realized by unaccompanied foreign minors hosted in the community of CEIS A.R.T.E. social co-operative that starts from a rap song. The film is the result of the cultural inclusion workshop (L.I.C.) held by the teacher Irene Olavide. Thoughts, words, subjects, the title have been chosen by the boys. Everything is born from their desire to express their vision of the world and to tell their feelings and emotions, their experiences, they present life and their hopes for the future. Benkelema is a word in the Bambara language that brings together a concept rather than a single meaning. The concept roughly means “to be at peace all together as if we were one person“. One of the boy who wrote the text told that in Ivory Coast people get together to “do Benkelema” whenever there is a need to solve a problem or when it is necessary to find an agreement after a discussion.

Cinema Odeon, Monday March 18th, 6.30 PM

Cinema Odeon, Wednesday March 27th, 9.30 AM

Cinema Odeon,Spazio Salotto, Friday March 22nd, 6 PM

Castel San Pietro Terme, Cinema Teatro Jolly, Friday April 5th, 6.30 PM and Saturday April 6th, 5 PM

Category: Professionals

IL REGALO DI ALICE (The gift of Alice)

Direction, screenplay, editing: Gabriele Marino; image: Mirco Sgarzi; music: Lorenzo Marino;  scenography: Rossella De Luca; costum design: Maria Teresa Iazzetta; interpreters: Valentina Carnelutti, Lino Guanciale, Ilaria Porcelli; production: GMQUADRO, in collaboration with Inthelfilm and Moolmore; distribution: Premiere Film Distribution, Italy, 2017, 15’ Regional premiere

The film tells, from the point of view of a child, Alice, who is about to be ten, the separation of her parents. She is a reflective and introverted girl. Her parents do everything to please their daughter, they give her attentions and gifts without realizing that she only needs the family calm and peace. It will be the creative use of an ipad and the ability in film editing to give to the young protagonist the chance to recreate a new, virtual, family story. The national union of Italian film journalists gave to this short film two mentions, for the female interpretation to Valentina Carnelutti and for the male one to Lino Guanciale.

Gabriele Marino studied cinema with the director Nanni Loy, at the Institute of Communication Education. In 2007 he graduated at the II level Master in screenplay at the Indigo Film, then he studied cinema at the International School of Cinema of Cinecittà (2009-2010). In 2010 he founded, together with his colleague Giovanni Mazzitelli, the audiovisual production company  GM QUADRO and he shot several television commercials, 3D graphics and video clips and cinematographic co-productions.

Category: School

 “SONO IO” (That’s me)

Short film realized by the students of the first year of the “L. Bassi” high school in Bologna in the academic year 2017/18, guided by the tutor Giulia Peragine, with the coordination of the professor Rossana Cappucci, 3’ Italian premiere

A yellow sweatshirt that hides and protects, a panel on which a clock marks the times of the day and the places of a teenager. In the short film “Sono io” the students of this class (1^G) share their experiences through stop motion frames and the staggering but curious look of a GoPro. Three minutes describe thoughts, desires, daily impatience of fifteen-year-old boys and girls, with the evocative rhythm of those who face the world still covered by a reassuring hood. The short film was the result of an annual journey about the theme of identity. A reflection on aspects that students feel close such as the difficulties of growth, the relationship with parents and friends, the bullying.

Cinema Odeon, Tuesday March 19th, 9.30 AM

Cinema Odeon, Saturday March 23rd, 4 PM

Cinema Odeon,Spazio Salotto, Friday March 22nd,6 PM

Castel San Pietro Terme, Cinema Teatro Jolly, Friday April 5th,6.30 PM and Saturday April 6th, 5 PM

Category: Beginners

CENA D’ARAGOSTE (Lobster dinner)

Direction: Gregorio Franchetti, interpreters: Marta Zoffoli, Edoardo Zuena, Matteo De Buono, Fanni Wrochna ; image: IlyaSapeha ; editing: Chiara Dainese, Gregorio Franchetti; screenplay: Susanna Della Sala;  costum design: Camilla Giuliani; performers: Matteo De Buono, Edoardo Zuena, Marta Zoffoli, Fanni Wrochna;   production: Gatto Film,Magdaleine Film; distribution: Premiere Film Distribution,  2019, 14’

Regional premiere

The film is about the friendship between two twelve-year-old boys, Leone and Michele. They spend all their free time together, sharing games, secrets and emotions. Michele comes from a wealthy family, lives in a luxurious house, where order and rigor conceal a certain formal coldness and frozen feelings. Leone, instead, lives in a modest house, where you feel welcomed and loved.

A film made up of allusions and nuances, which knows how to tell in images the unspoken of interpersonal communication, the hunger for affection that, sometimes, puts friendship ties to the test.

Gregorio Franchetti was born and grew up in Rome, Italy. After graduating from SOAS, University of London, he worked on various independent film productions and then took up a degree in directing and screenwriting at Columbia University in New York. “Lobster Dinner” was screened at the 68th Berlinale in the Generation K + section.

Cinema Bristol, Tuesday March 19th, 9.30 AM

Cinema Odeon, Wednesday March  20th, 9.30 AM

Cinema Odeon, Spazio Salotto, Friday March 22nd, 6 PM

Castel San Pietro Terme, Cinema Teatro Jolly, Friday April 5th, 6.30 PM and Saturday April 6th, 5 PM

Category:  Professionals


Direction: Vito Palmieri; screenplay: Michele Santeramo, Vito Palmieri; image: Giorgio Giannoccaro; editing: Corrado Iuvara (A.M.C.); music: Daniele Furlati; scenography: Luigi Conte; costum design: Carmen Balestra; production: Articolture; distributed by Sayonara Film; festival distribution: Elefant, Italy, 2018,  15’

November 2017: the Italy national football team doesn’t qualify at the world championship 2018. But in a village in Apulia, Bitonto, a group of boys doesn’t give up and decide to organise a parallel championship that has to be played there, in the square, between Italy and the other national teams made up of immigrants. But some players were born in Italy and they feel 100% Italian. So how can they do?

There is only one solution: there will be two Italian teams. One led by Ahmed, with a melting pot of boys of different ethnicities and geographical origins, and the other one by Mario.

After eliminations, move to the next round, viewers, reporters and discontent, the final is Italy against Italy, Mario’s team against Ahmed’s team… The film meditates on the sense of a more lively and multicultural community than ever, already transformed and integrated thanks to the second generations of Italians, who seek only confirmation of their own legitimacy. Football is a sport that gets together and can go beyond prejudices and barriers.

VITO PALMIERI was born in Bitonto (Bari). In 1998 he moved to Bologna to study Cinema at the University of Bologna where he graduated in in 2004. In 2006, he was acknowledged with more than 50 awards from critics and audiences for his short film Tana libera tutti (Everyone Saved, 2006), only played by children. In 2011 he directed his first documentary “Il Valzer dello Zecchino – Viaggio in Italia a tre tempi” (The Zecchino’s Walz – A trip to Italy in three movements), which won the first prize as best documentary at Annecy Cinéma Italien. In May 2012 Vito Palmieri directed “Anna bello sguardo” (Anna Beautiful gaze) a short film realized with a Junior High School in Bologna, which pays homage to Lucio Dalla, a famous singer from the same city who died a few months before. In 2013 Vito directed Matilde, a short film presented in Berlinale 2013, at the section Generation Kplus and also winner at our Youngabout Film Festival. In 2016 he realized the docufilm Seeyou in Texas. In 2017 he directed the feature film Il giorno più bello. In 2018 he won the MigrArti competition, with the short film Il Mondiale in Piazza and the Cineperiferie competition with the documentary Da Teletorre19 è tutto!, both produced by Articolture.

Cinema Rialto, theatre 2, Tuesday March 19th, 6.30 PM

Cinema Odeon, Thursday March 21st, 9.30 AM

Cinema Odeon,Spazio Salotto, Friday March 22nd, 6 PM

Castel San Pietro Terme, Cinema Teatro Jolly, Friday April 5th, 6.30 PM and Saturday April 6th, 5 PM

Category: School

“ALL’INCROCIO DEI GIORNI” – “Imbriani-Piccarreta” State Institute of Corato (Bari) and Girolamo Macina. Italy, 2019,  4′ Italian premiere

A work group of eight-grade boys and girls reflected on the European community and it has extended the reflection on the logic of the many “walls” that are being erected all over the world. They re-elaborated a poetic text and transformed it in a hip-hop song, recorded and produced at school on a free beat by a good London musician. Then they tried to link evocative images shot at school with smartphones or downloaded in the net. The result is a complex message that gathers all the solicitations emerged during the workshop held by the media educator Girolamo Macina.&

Category: Beginners


Direction, subject, screenplay: NienkeDeutz;  fotografia: Steven Frederickx; 2D animation: Digna Van Der Put, Stefan Vermeulen, Sarah Rathé, Jasmine Elsen, NienkeDeutz; 3D animation: Martina Svojiková, NienkeDeutz, Dorien de Muylder, Andreas de Ridder, Jasmine Elsen,WesleyWellens; Editing: NienkeDeutz; production Lunanime; GéraldineSprimont – Need Productions, Annemiek van derHell – Windmill Film; Ben Tesseur& Steven de Beul – BeastAnimation, Esther Bannenberg – Lunanime BV, with the support of FlandersAudiovisual Fund – VAF, Film and Audiovisual Center of Wallonia,  BrusselsFederation, Netherlands Film Fund, Lum. Invest; Belgium, Holland, 2018, 9’

Inseparable best friends spend their last summer holiday of childhood amusing themselves around the house. As summer progresses their bodies start to morph and shift and an awkwardness descends on their friendship. Puberty seems determined to interrupt their bond. This beautiful film is able to tell all the nuances of friendship between girls.

NienkeDeutz is a Dutch director and artist currently living and working in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2010 she finished her studies of Bachelor in the Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, before moving to Ghent, Belgium and graduating as Master of Animationfilm at KASK. Her graduation film “1,2,3, PIANO!” was awarded a Wildcard from the Flanders Audiovisual fund and her work has been shown in festivals and museums around Europe.

Cinema Odeon, Wednesday March 20th, 10 AM

Cinema Odeon, Tuesday March 26th, 6.30 PM


Direction, screenplay, editing: Edoardo Palma; image: Stefano Grilli; music: Giacomo Bartoli; interpreters: Elio D’Alessandro, CelesteGugliandolo, Diego Mongardini; producers: Edoardo Palma, Daniele Urcioli;   production: Alfiere Productions and Full of Beans, Italy, 2014, 9’ 18’’

The short film directed by Edoardo Palma and produced by Alfiere Productions and Full of Beans, wonders about the endless direction our life could take. Starting from this question, ”Yet” wants to tell us the thousands of possible parallel universes flowing next to our lives. It comes to the conclusion that, finally, our personal history, our personal universe, could really be the best of the possible universes. A short film that is a tribute to the imaginary nourished by film stories.

In  2007 Edoardo Palma shot the short film “Tac Tic”, the story of a man whose life is marked by the ticking of clocks. Between 2009 and 2010 he realized 4 short films for Abbott S.p.A. In 2010 he participated in the Italian 48 Hour Film Project with the short film “Gesti” and he won the awards for Best Film and Best Screenplay. The same short film won at the Filmpalooza of Miami (March 2011) the award for Best Photography and it received two mentions for Direction and Editing. In 2011 he also competed in the international contest 48GoGreen with the short film “Charlie, l’uomo che ricreò il mare” and he won the competition. The two short films “Gesti” and “Charlie” were screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2011, in the Short Film Corner. In 2012 he contributed in the foundation of the group Full Of Beans, directing many videoclip and advertisings. In 2013 he wrote and directed the short film “Yet, the best universe ever” that participated in many Italian and foreign festivals (Long Island Film Expo, Italian Contemporary Film Festival, Future Film Festival and more) and he directed the theatre show “Come il ghiaccio coi cocktail”. In 2018 he directed the feature film “Quando sarò bambino”.

Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna

Casa della Conoscenza, Pavese Public Library, March 20th, 3.30 PM

Cinema Odeon, Friday March 29th, 10 AM

Castel San Pietro Terme, Cinema Teatro Jolly, Saturday April 6th, 8.45 PM

A morning to raise awareness about domestic violence

Recommended for:  12 +

MANI ROSSE (Red hands)

Direction, screenplay, photography, editing: Francesco Filippi;  art direction: Mauro Dal Bo; character design: Pierpaolo Rovero; puppets making: John Craney; stop-motion animation Francesco Filippi ; scenography: Riccardo Sivelli; music: Andrea Rizzi, production: SattvaFilmssrl by Michele Fasano, (film realized with the support of Apulia Film Commission and Emilia Romagna Film Commission), Italy, 2018, 30’

Ernest (12) is a smart but also hyper-protected and lonely boy. One day he discovers some wonderful red wall drawings, made by a mysterious girl whose name is Moon (14). She has the magic power to produce a vivid red colour from her hands, through which she expresses her talent. But behind this gift there is a painful situation: Moon’s father, Furio, is a violent man. Ernest will have to bring out all his courage to save the life of that strange little girl he fell in love with. A precious film, which required a long work and a complex technical realization, stop-motion, 2D pictorial, digital painting. The film was conceived and produced for a teenage audience and it deals with the delicate subject of domestic, physical and psychological abuses, especially towards minors.

Francesco Filippi, (1975) is an Italian free-lance director, screenwriter and stop-motion animator. His world-wide awarded short films are Home (2009), Loser Leg (2010) and Memorial (2013). He graduated in Science of Education at the University of Bologna with a thesis about Japanese animation. He studied film direction and screenwriting at School of Visual Arts (NY). Among his many collaborations, he signed the direction of three animated videoclips of I Cartoni dello Zecchino series and he supervised the screenplay of Winx Club 2. Since 1999 he writes essays about animation. His most recent book is “Fatti un film: manuale per giovani video-maker” (Giunti, 2016). He usually leads workshops with children Italy-wide.

SINNA MANN (Angry Man)

Direction, screenplay, image: Anita Killi; editing: Simen Gengenbach ; music: HegeRimestad ; production: Anita Killi, Trollfilm AS, Norwey, 2009, 25’

A child experiences a dramatic situation: his father’s violence against his mother frightens him and makes him believe that he is responsible for the sudden and unjustified anger of the father. But one day he decides to write a letter to a king, asking for help. A good doctor will arrive, whom he sees as the king of fairy tales, who will convince his father to spend a period in a clinic to treat his illness.

Anita Killi born 1968 in Stavanger, Norway. She studied at National College of Art and Design and animation studies at the MRDH District College. She has established and is running her own animation studio, Trollfilm AS. Her short film “The Hedge of Thorns” was nominated for Cartoon d’Or and won many international awards.

LAS  MOFAS MAGICA (The magic glasses)

Direction, screenplay: Daniel Rebner; image: JuánHernández ;music: Raúl Scavini; editing: Victor Ed Somoza; interpreters: Héctor García, Louisa Merino, Fernando Gil; production: Suevia Film, distribution: Promofest, Spain, 2008, 14′

We propose this beautiful short film again, that won a previous edition of our Youngabout film festival, because it knows how to tell, with a lot of sensitivity, the discomfort of a boy forced to live in a house ruled by violence.

Sometimes life can be nicer if you look at her through magic glasses, especially when reality is painful. For a boy glasses can hide the violence of the father towards the mother.

Daniel Rebner, born in Madrid in 1977, studied film direction at the  TAI School of Madrid. In 2002 he realized his first work as director and screenwriter, “Recuerdos de mamà” and in 2005 “Coolness”, a comedy performed by Nacho López and Teresa Hurtado de Ory that won many awards. In 2008 he directed Las mofas mágicas and M16, the latter co-directed with Alfonso DíazSalvago. As producer he realized many documentaries with the production company  SueviaFilms, of which he had been member for 10 years. In 2009 he founded the production company Vinyl, that is developing new audiovisual projects.

PECCATRICE (A sinner girl)

Direction: Karolina Porcari; screenplay: Karolina Porcari, Michele Innocente; image: BartoszŚwiniarski; editing: LeszekStarzyński, Natalia Skutnik; scenography: Sara Porcari, Anna MałgorzataKasińska; music: Lamberto Probo; interpreters: Beatrice Marrazzo, Anita Kravos, Ippolito Chiarello, Fabrizio Pugliese, Alessandro Buttari, Arianna Dell’Anna, Adria Ciardo; production: IronFilms; distribution: Sayonara film; festival distribution:Elenfant, Italy, 2018, 10’34’’

Lucia is a rebellious eleven-year-old girl who feels stifled by the patriarchal world she lives in. Her father is physically abusive, while her mother remains helpless against his violence. One day before Lucia’s First Communion, her father gives his daughter a severe beating. In the morning, Lucia puts on her white dress, and will take a drastic decision…

Karolina Porcari is an Italian-Polish director, screenwriter and actress. She was born in Warsaw and moved to Italy with her family when she was young. For 18 years she lived in Lecce with her family. Then she moved to Milan where she studied literature and theatre. In 2001 she came back in Poland and she graduated at the National School of Drama in Cracow. She now studies film directing at the Warsaw Wajda School. She’s now working on her first feature film “The seventh week”. “A sinner girl” is her first work as director.

Cinema Odeon, Friday March 22nd, 9.30 AM

Cinema Europa, Monday March 25th, 6.30 PM In collaboration with Kinodromo

Cinema Odeon, Spazio Salotto, Friday March 22nd, 6 PM

Castel San Pietro Terme, Cinema Teatro Jolly, Friday April 5th, 6.30 PM and Saturday April 6th , 5 PM

Category: Professionals

THE FRUITS OF CLOUDS (Plodymraků),direction, screenplay, editing: Katerina Karhànkovà;  animation: AlžbětaSkálová; music: JanRichtr; sound: BlankaKlímová; production: MasterFilm, FAMU, 2017, CZE, 10’ Regional premiere

Awards: Best European Short Animation Film at the Festival Cinekid of Amsterdam

ECFA award – the European Children’s Film Association for “Best short film for children of 2018”

This short film efficaciously tells the fear of something new and unknown that paralyzes and stops, that makes the existence a routine, that freezes every attempt to break the habit. Only curiosity and the desire to know can give the necessary motivation to find the courage to move and explore. Furry lives in a clearing surrounded by dark woods with a pack of animal friends. Their only food is rare orange seeds that transform into large glowing fruit as soon as they touch the ground. Furry’s friends are afraid to venture into the scary woods, but he’s bored doing nothing but waiting. One day he decides to take a risk and courage and ventures into the woods and, step after step, he reaches a wonderful field of his loved food…

Katerina Karhànkovà was born in 1988 in Prague, she studied at Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, in the Animation department. She realized the short films Post etude 2009, Present 2009, Drzetkrok (Keep Pace) 2010, Hot Night 2010, Huránaborůvky! (Hurrah for blueberries!) 2017, Tonda a Bacil (Tanny and Mr. Illness) 2015, Novydruh (The New Species) 2013, Plodymraků (The Fruits of clouds) 2017

Cinema Odeon, Monday March 25th, 9.30 AM

Cinema Bristol, Tuesday April 2nd, 9.30 AM

Cinema Odeon, Spazio Salotto, Friday March 22nd, 6 PM

Castel San Pietro Terme, Cinema Teatro Jolly, Friday April 5th, 6.30 PM and Saturday April 6th, 5 PM

Category: Professionals

DIE MÜCKE PIEKS – direction, screenplay: Maria Steinmetz; image: Julia Sherkunova, music: Michael Buk, 7’Germany, 2017, 8’   Regional premiere

Pieks is a mosquito who lives peacefully in the city. But it’s winter and Pieks freezes.  So it goes to the tailor to ask for a coat. “With pleasure”, says the tailor, “but only if you pay me.” So it has to find out the money. Who can help it? Based on a book by Heinrich Hannover, this short film tells a moving, stimulating story of sharing, kindness and altruism. Steinmetz turns this wonderful message into beautiful, coloured images, creating this precious animation with modelling clay, woollen threads and fabric swatches.

Maria Steinmetz is author of short films selected by many international festivals, Koma (short film, 2009), Derwechselbalg (presented at the Cannes festival in 2011), Macramé (short film, 2014), Die MückePieks (short film, 2016), Memorie di Alba (2019)

Cinema Odeon, Tuesday March 26th, 10 AM


Direction, screenplay: Borg Ring, co-screenwriter: Joanika Ring, Denmark, 1999,9’

Animation film in which a boy falls victim to a drug dealer who exploits the boy’s curiosity. Not just the child, but the whole family are victim to his addiction. Despite the efforts of the parents, he lives on in a transparent balloon that isolates him from reality.

Børge Ring was born in Ribe, Denmark, in 1921. He is famous for his films Heavy Metal (1981), Anna & Bella (1984) and Oh My Darling (1978). He died on December 27, 2018 in Overlangel, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. His 1984 short film Anna & Bella won the Best Animated Short Film award at the Academy Awards. The internationally renowned Danish film animator and jazz musician was born in a family with a great musical tradition, his father was the composer Oluf Ring..

The film Run of the mill was presented in 2001 as part of our film festival “A film in your backpack”.

Cinema Odeon,Spazio Salotto, Friday March 22nd, 6 PM

Castel San Pietro Terme, Cinema Teatro Jolly, Friday April 5th, 6.30 PM and Saturday April 6th, 5 PM

Cinema Odeon, Thursday March 28th, 9.30 AM

Category: Professionals


Direction, subject, screenplay: Roberto D’Ippolito & Gaia Bonsignore; musia: Ermanno Sebastiano, Rainbow Arabia; editing: Francesco Di Stefano; costum design: Chiara Baglioni; scenography: Samuele Bertocci, Gianluca Borgogni; effects: Mauro Moretti; interpreters: Cecilia Dazzi, Andrea Chimenti, Francesca Mamesini, Francesca Mattesini, production: Roberto D’Ippolito & Gaia Bonsignore, distribution: Premiere Film Distribution, Italy, 2017, 15’Regional premiere

How to deal with the fear of the dentist? Only a fervid imagination can help. Just recreate a different world and feel like a protagonist of a space adventure. It is the case of a little girl, Stella 1, an aspiring astronaut.

Roberto D’Ippolito is a pixer lover. He graduated in “Digital Entertainment” in Turin (2006), then he directed music videos (L’Amorale 2011 / Il Circo Zen – best indie videoclip in Italy) and short films. Then he moved to Toronto to work (as digital artist) on important films at the MR.X Inc., one of the most important visual effects companies in the world. Between 2015  an 2017 Roberto worked as VFX Supervisor on the set of the TV show “The Strain”. He currently works in Canada and Europe as VFX Supervisor on sets for feature films, TV shows and as director for advertisement. He is now working on the script of his first feature film.

Gaia Bonsignore, sinceshe was very young, decided to dedicate herself to cinema. She moved to Dublin (where she started collaborating on some independent films) and then to Austin (Texas) to attend the “Radio TV Film MFA”, a city where she produced a dozen independent short films. A couple of years ago she returned to Italy. Now she teaches “storytelling” in one of the most prestigious art schools in Florence.

Cinema Odeon, Thursday March 28th, 10.30 AM

Cinema Odeon, Thursday March 28th, 6.30 PM In collaboration with the project “Sequenze di gola” and Natura Sì

Cinema Odeon, Spazio Salotto, Friday March 22nd, 6 PM

Castel San Pietro Terme, Cinema Teatro Jolly, Friday April 5th, 6.30 PM and Saturday April 6th, 5 PM



Direction, screenplay, image, editing: Antonio Petruccelli; Interpreters: Angelo Filardi, Francesco Siggillino, Mariangela Picardi ; production: Virò Ass.ne Culturale; distribution: Ass. Effetto Kulešof, Italy, 2018, 4’28’’Regional premiere

Awards: Best Short Film at the Tulipani di Seta Nera Short Film Festival 2018; Mention at the film festival “Corti in Opera” 2018

The son of two parents always in conflict, finds his space and the attention he deserves in the theatre that he builds in the woods. The child’s imagination allows him to create everything he needs, including the audience, to be able to perform. A few minutes to tell the difficult childhood of the protagonist and his desire for redemption.

ANTONIO PETRUCCELLI, born in 1976 in Lucera (Foggia). He lived in Rome for 20 years where he graduated and specialized in psychotherapy and he learnt videomaking  self-taught and then he returned in Apulia. He is author of many short films on social subjects, such as “Gli sconosciuti” on domestic violence on children, “Il ragazzo con il pallone” on bullying, “Il sarto e la sposa” on violence against women.

FRANCESCO SIGGILLINO, actor and director, attended the Eutheca Academy in Rome and he earned the BA Hons in Acting, at the University of Wales. He attended important workshops with eminent directors such as Massimiliano Bruno, Eimuntas Nekrosius and International Companies such as La Fura dels Baus. As theatre director he realizes the shows  Iosolotranneme, I Fuochi di San Pancrazio and Julian’s Women.

Cinema Odeon, Thursday March 28th, 10 AM

Cinema Odeon,Spazio Salotto, Friday March 22nd, 6 PM

Castel San Pietro Terme, Cinema Teatro Jolly, Friday April 5th, 6.30 PM and Saturday April 6th, 5 PM

Category: School


Direction, screenplay: Armin Reiland; editing: Thomas Robineau; image: Alexandre Cambron; music: Monolithe noir; production and distribution: La fémis, France, 2018, 8’10’’

Camille has a nightmare. A monster chases her. She tries to forget what happened by going outside to play with her friends. But she feels like the monster is still here, somewhere. In the adolescence the body changes and these transformations recall ancestral fears.

ARMIN REILAND, since high school, has been fascinated by the potential of sound recording. He attended the institute La Fémis in 2018 and he realized the short films Half And Half, Anima exalare.

Cinema Odeon, Saturday March 30, 4 PM

Screening of the winning feature film and short films