The selection of short and medium-length films required a long and meticulous work!

We have received numerous films (about four hundred) and certainly some of the short films that we could not include in this year’s program (time is cruel!) will find a place in the next edition of the Festival.

A heartfelt thanks to the authors who have sent us their works and who have believed in our project!




Monday, March 19, 6 pm, Europa Cinema, in collaboration with Kinodromo Association

Saturday, March 24th, 10.15 am, Odeon Cinema


La prima volta (The First Time)


Directed by, screenplay, editing: Roberto Cannavò; Story and interviews: Roberto Cannavò, Vittorio Martone; Photography: Massimiliano Bartolini; Sound and music: Fabio Iaci; Production: Uisp Emilia-Romagna, 2016, 35’, Italy

Cast: Inmates of the Ipm “Pietro Siciliani” of Pratello; Beltina John, FarepArte Association; Fabrizio Cariati, Francisco Roja; Mozart14 Association; Marisa Gabriele, Elena Manaresi, Alice Pulido Gonzales, Adult Education Center.

Bologna, 2016.

Ayoub is very good in the kitchen, he learns new things and looks towards the future; Simone shows his drawings talking about complicate relationships; Faki thinks about the future and how to build it; in the background, the voice of Kamal is rapping his life in verses.

These are fragments of the new prisoner lives of the inmates of the Youth Detention Center of Pratello in Bologna. La prima volta is the story of their existences, the unsaid of crimes, the spiral path that led them to commit the first crime, to imprisonment and to a recovery process where they fluctuate between hard worlds and glimmers and from which a deep immaturity explodes.

They are adolescents, doubly suspended between imprisonment and the awaiting of adulthood.

Roberto Cannavò was born in Messina in 1990. He graduated at Dams, Bologna in 2013 with a dissertation on the history of special effects. He collaborated to the making of the short movie “A song for the future” (2015) by Lorenzo Miglioli and he gave several press contributions, from the University of Bologna to Uisp Emilia-Romagna, that produced his directional debut medium-length film: La prima volta, a documentary on the Youth Detention Center of Pratello. At present, he is working as assistant director in the new film by Paolo “Fiore” Angelini.


L’incontro (The Encounter)

Directed by: Michele Mellara and Alessadro Rossi; Photography: Roberto Cimatti (a.i.c.); Editing: Corrado Iuvara (a.m.c.); Set and Costumes: Laura Soprani; Original Music: Giuseppe Tranquillino Minerva, Mammut Film production in association with Roberto Cimatti, Italy, 2017, ’14.

Cast: Bob Messini, Messini, Amin Miftah, Yussra Guermah, Younes El Bouzani, Eldin Bardosana, Nezha Tammar.


It’s a 14-minute short film about the life of a 16-year-old Moroccan boy with an Italian accent resident in Italy but struggling to obtain citizenship and it was shot in the community gym of Tpo in Bologna. This is the most important day in Amin’s life: today, the boxing match for the Junior title will take place. He has been preparing for it for a long time: make it or brake it. Amin is a boy of Moroccan origin, he’s an ordinary teenager stormed by the weaknesses and shyness typical of adolescence.

It is one hour before the match in a community gym in Bologna and Amin, helped by his coach, should concentrate before getting on the ring. It really seems that no one wants to leave him alone. Everyone asks him for something, they interrogate him, shake him, drive him away from the silence of concentration he needs, and reality besieges voraciously the world of the gym, incapable of containing such a crushing force. With his head full of thousands of questions, Amin jumps onto the ring. How will it end?

Michela Mellara and Alessandro Rossi are authors, directors and creators of events and they have been working together in an artistic partnership for 15 years. Experiencing, with a lot of eclecticism, cinema, creative documentary, theatre and creation of events, their original artistic path has been recognized by the public and critics both nationally and internationally. They both graduated at the DAMS faculty in Bologna. Mellara also graduated at LIFS (London Film School). They were among the founders of the D.E-R (Association of the documentarians of Emilia-Romagna), members of the board of Doc it (National association of Italian documentary filmmakers). Together with Francesco Merini and Ilaria Malagutti, they are founders and active members of Mammut Film.


Todos Bailaban (They Danced), director: Jurek Jablonicky; Screenplay: Jurek Jablonicky, Miguel Carreras, Jan Pavel Jablonicky; Photography: Brian Michael Henderson; Editing: Adrian Sanchez Gimeno; Music:  Ikul, Iker Ramos, Raul Espiñeira, Honduras, 2017, 19’

Cast: Cristhian Lazo, Rashid Giannini

This short movie is about the insanity of bullying and the disastrous and painful consequences of a real persecution perpetrated by the group against the individual. Fernando, a senior in a Honduran high school, dances professional ballet, this turning him into an easy target to bullying. On a fatidic day, all the psychological and emotional abuses will be too much and Fernando will be forced to make decisions that will forever change his life and the fate of his classmates.

Jurek Jablonicky was born on September 12, 1989 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. His passion for cinema leads him to Bilbao, where he makes film studies at the Kinema cinema school. He continues his studies at Metropolis – CE where he specializes in Realización Global para Cineastas y Critica. During his last year of studies he writes and directs “Flor del Mal”, “Por Ti, Madrid”, “Reconcilable Differences”, short films competing in various international film festivals. He returned to Honduras where he dedicated himself to cinema and advertising with his production company Honduras This Week Media.



Program 1

16 short movies

Total time 107’48’’



Directed by, screenplay, photography, sound, editing: Isaac Ruiz Gastélum, Production METAXINEMA, Mexico, 2017, 3’


Contacts: metaxinema@gmail.com


A young woman sitting on a chair bathes as water trickles rhythmically down a white wall. Later, in a place where the horizon fuses with the sky at the sea’s edge, she finds the connection between her Inner Self and the Universe.

This short film represents the director’s most personal, extreme approach to what he calls “Metacinema,” a meditation in movement, a bridge between parallel worlds, a mystic mirror. It follows a long tradition of cinema in which “nothing” happens, and in that void audience and filmmaker meet to complete the meaning of the film.


Isaac Ruiz Gastélum, born in 1984, is an experimental Mexican director. “Best Direction” and twice “Best Short Film” for Iku Manieva (Portugal, 2018 and Mexico, 2017). “Best Video Art” winner for Réflex (Spain, 2015). “Artistic Young Merit Award” winner (Mexico, 2014). Scholarship from the National Fund for Culture and the Arts: FONCA (Mexico, 2014). His work has been exhibited on three continents in countries such as Argentina, Canada, China, Colombia, Cuba, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the United States and Uruguay.


MIDNIGHT ELEGY (Srednoshtna elegiya)

Directed by, screenplay, editing, drawings: Silviya Ivanova; Animation: Silviya Ivanova, Milena Simeonova, Iskra Popova, Andrei Hristozov, Martina Zlatilova; Production: Kantselaria Film, Bulgaria, 2017, 8’,48’’ (Made with the support of The Bulgarian National Film Center)


Contacts: silviya.n.ivanova@gmail.com


During the night, fears and anguish torment a girl who turns around in her bed, agitated. Sadness and a sense of emptiness seem to take over. In the morning, life starts as usual.


SILVIYA IVANOVA was born in 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She studies animated cinema and illustration at the new Bulgarian university and takes part in several international animation workshops. Awarded for her work done during her studies, she participates in several national exhibitions and artistic activities. She works as a freelancer in the field of 2D animation, character design, concept art and illustration of board games. She organizes and teaches in animated workshops for children. She is one of the organizers of the World Festival of Animated Film of Varna, Bulgaria (2011-2017). She is a member of the Bulgarian Association of animation independent artists of cartoon animation.



LA MUJER DEL ESPEJO (The Woman in The Mirror)

Directed by, screenplay: María Barragán Gutiérrez; Photography, Miguel Calero; Set Design, Roque J. Vázquez, Jose Requena; Editing, Lolo Outeda; Music: Miranda Bungey, Spain, 2017, 4’


Cast: María Barragán


Contacts: mariabarragangutierrez@gmail.com


Learning to believe in oneself requires time and a great deal of introspection: initially you compare yourself to others, thinking that they are better than you, then you must accept yourself with warts and all.


MARÍA BARRAGÁN was born in Huelva in 1980. At the age of 22, she graduates in Audiovisual Communication and production at the Escuela de Cine de Madrid (CEM). She then spends several years collaborating to the making of films, mostly advertising. After becoming a mother, she starts teaching and holds several shooting courses in Huelva. In 2014 she writes, directs and performs “(Re) Union” (2015), her debut as a director, telling some of her latest life experiences. In 2016 she decides to repeat the experience and shoots another short film entitled “The Woman in the Mirror” (2017), an audiovisual poem about personal research and the importance of knowledge and self-esteem in order to be happy.




Directed by, editing, production: Candice Vallantin; Photography: Israel Seoane; Music: Manuel Morales, Spain, 2017, 8’

Cast: Marina Santo

Contacts: Selected Films – info@selectedfilms.com


Crushed by the tedium of her daily routine, wake up, breakfast, run to reach the workplace, a young woman decides to take a leap of faith.


CANDICE VALLANTIN learned the basics of filmmaking from two friends while shooting a documentary about a blind man learning to jump a motorcycle in the California desert. Renaissance Man premiered at the DOXA film festival in Vancouver in 2012. She wrote and directed Monday, her first short film, in 2017. Born in France and raised in Vancouver, Candice has lived in six cities spanning three continents. For five years, she worked as a journalist in Canada and Mexico. She also spent one year in Ethiopia doing communications for an NGO. Today she’s based in Madrid, Spain.



Directed by and screenplay: Emma Benestan; Photography: Clélia Schaeffer; Editing: Emma Benestan, Julie Borvon; Sound: Anne Dupouy; Music: Julie Roue, Production: 1000 Visages France, 2016, 12’


Contacts: emmabenestan@gmail.comcinetalents@1000visages.fr


After a rumor started by an ambiguous Snapchat message, two friends, Bilal and Adil, start off on a quest for girls to save their reputation. But the journey is far from the one they imagined.

EMMA BENESTAN, born in Montpellier in 1988, grows up in the south of France. After studying at Femis in the editing department, she devotes herself to writing. She shoots three short films: Touch the Horizon, Summer of Sarah and Taste of Love, selected at different festivals. Furthermore, she holds workshops with teenagers, in particular with the association 1000 visages. These workshops feed her writing. The questions on immigration and social issues are very present in her films, especially in the fragile phase of adolescence.



Directed by, screenplay, editing, scenography: Ali Erfan Farhadi; Photography: Majid Yazdani; Music: Alireza Shirin Fard,  Iran, 2017, 2’


Contacts: Ali Erfan Farhadi, cinema.love.cinema@gmail.com


In a classroom with some students, a man is leafing through his photo album and memories come back.


ALI ERFAN FARHADI, director and actor of the film, was born on May 3, 1987 in Teheran. He graduates at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society. He’s the writer, director and producer of “I, You, We”, “Selfie”, “I, You, We 2”, “Mr. Director” and screenplayer and director of “A Frame for Two”.




Directed by, screenplay: Davide Rizzo; Photography, Salvatore Lucchese; Editing, Corrado Iuvara; Production: Elenfant Film, Italy, 2017, 10’


Cast: Muhammed Shifil Tirundikkal, Ieva Bleikša


Contacts: elenfantdistribution@gmail.com



RIGA – November 13, 2015. A Pakistani boy named Bassam finally spends a fantastic afternoon with a Latvian girl he is in love with, Anna. She seems to reciprocate his love. But the news of the attack at the Bataclan will put into question the boy’s certainties.


DAVIDE RIZZO was born in Galatina (Lecce) in 1979. Since 2000, he lives in Bologna where he graduated in History of Modern Literature. In 2004 he founded the Cultural Association “Elenfant” with the aim of creating independent and innovative cinematographic products. With Elenfant Film he deepens his experience as a director and producer and editor, working and collaborating with national and international realities. In 2009 he writes and directs the series “Brustulein. Cinema to Crunch at the Cinema”, presented at the Torino Film Festival in 2009. In 2011 he makes his first Old Cinema documentary “Bologna Melodrama”, winner of the Arkipel Award in Jakarta in 2013. “A Horse-free Western”, a biopic about Italian filmmaker Mauro Mingardi, is his latest work. His latest short film is “Anna & Bassam”, episode of the “13.11” series released on RepubblicaTV.




Directed by, screenplay: Lorena Costanzo as part of the video workshop of Liceo I.I.S. NICCOLO’ MACHIAVELLI of Pioltello (MI); Photography: Matteo Priore, Virginia Rosati; Editing: Lorena Costanzo, Virginia Rosati; Music: Tommaso Capozzi, 2017, 11’58’’


Cast: Serena Brambilla, Marco Gui, Enea Barozzi, Federica Pirozzi, Francesco Morelato.


Contacts: lorena.costanzo86@gmail.com


A group of high-school friends, about to take their final exams, decide to prepare a list with 10 things to do before getting their diploma, a list of goliardic actions and dreams they have never had the courage to achieve until then.


LORENA COSTANZO currently teaches letters and holds a cinema workshop in middle and high schools in the province of Milan. With the publishing house Historica Edizioni she published a story for the “Lombardy Secret” anthology (2017) and a fairy tale for the anthology “Racconti a tavola” (2017). With Feltrinelli she published a story for “100 storie per quando è veramente tardi” (2013), a collection of fairy tales written by various authors including Stefano Benni and Alessandro Baricco. In 2008 she won the National Literary Award “Favole, cammini e percorsi – sezione fiabe e favole” for the Edizioni Miele publishing house. She is director and screenwriter of several short films that allowed her to win 19 Prizes at national and international film festivals. The titles of the winning short films are: “La Rompiscatole” (2013), “Human Watching” (2014), “Save Point” (2015), “Friendzone – Stuck in a Friendship” (2016), “The Final List” (2017), “Photostory” (2017).CAMBIA_MENTI 

Directed by, photography, editing: Film Workshop 2017 held by Girolamo Macina; Production and distribution: SS 1ᵒ gr “Dante Alighieri” of Modugno (Bari), Italy, 2017, 10’

Contacts: 349 8829833

In a school there are three shy, isolated and unhappy students who do not know each other even if attending the same institute. The meeting with a new mysterious girl will help them fraternize and believe in themselves.


GIROLAMO MACINA is a media educator and a videomaker who has been working for over twenty years on the national territory (with some fleeing beyond the borders). He has held dozens of workshops for children and not (from 4 to 40 years and over) on media and film education. On these occasions he has made about 80 short films, commercials and documentaries that have received many awards, thanks to the great alchemy between children, boys and girls, teachers and parents.



Directed by, screenplay: Edoardo Bartoli and the students of CORSO DOC Liceo Laura Bassi and of 3C of the De Andrè middle school of Bologna; Photography: Sara Lucente and Matilde Dondi; Interviews: Giulia Bertocchi and Sabrina Liguori, Italy, 2017, 9’


Contacts: roberto.guglia@gmail.com


“Vengo a prenderti” is about Paolo’s day on August 2, 1980. The point of view of this short documentary is that of 14 year-old Paolo who is about to face a summer day like any other, waiting to meet his beloved mother… but fate and human folly will decide differently, changing forever his life and the life of his family.




Directed by, screenplay, photography, editing: Rosa Maietta; Music: Rosalia Cecere, Italy, 2016, 9’42’’


Cast: Davide Esposito


Contacts: maiettar90@gmail.com 331 2494326


The title “Parusia”, recalls the Greek work “parousìa”, referred to the presence of the divine in the “concrete” and material world. Set in the Spanish Quarters in Naples, the film is about the “faith” in a football team, and the desire for redemption underlying the desire for the victory of the favorite players.


ROSA MAIETTA was born in Benevento in 1990. In 2012 she graduates in Literature in Naples. In 2016 she takes a Master’s Degree in Film and Television, with general director Nicola Giuliano, during which she directs “Neapolitan Parusia”. Her shorts “Senectus Ipsa Morbus”, “Pater Faber”, participate in several competitions. Her video-art work “Vorago” wins the Bookciak award and it is awarded during the Venice Days at the 73rd Venice Film Festival.




Directed by, screenplay: Delio Colangelo; Photography: Giovanni Macedonio; Editing: Ilario Monti, Italy, 2017, 7’


Contacts: deli.colangelo@gmail.com


Guido is a disabled boy who is struck by the sudden appearance of a beautiful girl. But how can he talk to her? He convinces himself that the only opportunity to know her is to rely on the proverbial lack of Italian sensitivity towards disability. Faced with an obstacle, she will have to help him! But the city administration and the citizens are against him, showing off foresight and civic sense. Luckily, incivility will come at the right time.



DELIO COLANGELO was born in Potenza in 1982. After graduating in Philosophy at La Sapienza University, he became interested in cinema. As screenwriter he has been selected in various competitions: Riff, Sonar Script, Bixio Award, Solinas Prize. He currently works for a foundation. “Che fine ha fatto l’inciviltà” is his first short film as a director.




Directed by, editing: Nobumichi Asai, Eiji Tanigawa; CG directed by: WOW, Shingo Abe; Photography: Senzo Ueno; Choreography: Aya Sato; Music: Setsu Fukushima, Ryosuke Taniguchi, Ongakushitsu Inc.; Music: Yosuke Nagao, Japan, 2017, 1’


Cast: AyaBambi

Contacts: nobumichiasai@gmail.com


The project (which includes other productions) is entitled “Life”. TOKYO, 2017 The creative production team TOKYO realizes the video “Inori Prayer” to introduce the worldwide famed dance duo Ayabambi. The project starts when Nobumichi Asai (Creative Director of WOW) contacts his collaborators Eiji Tanigawa (director of TOKYO), the dance duo AyaBambi and the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory of the University of Tokyo. Using the new high-speed projection technology developed by the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory (“We realized the new mapping system that allows us to follow intense performances by using the latest 1,000 fps projector, 1000 fps, 1000 frames filmed every second , making it one of the fastest in the world “), director Eiji Tanigawa makes a proposal for the subject of “Life”. Firstly, the soundtrack is composed, inspired by the subject of radioactivity. The creative director Nobumichi Asai and the director of the CG, Shingo Abe, starting from the music, have created a facial mapping. Aya Sato designed the choreography. Radioactivity has a destructive power that spreads death, suffering and sadness. But it is possible to fight it with “prayer”. The powerful performance of AyaBambi crushes and conquers black tears, skulls and the Sutra of the heart.




Directed by, screenplay, set design, editing, animation: Nobumichi Asai; Photography: Takatoshi Suzuki; Music: HATISNOIT, 2017, 3’


Contacts: nobumichiasai@gmail.com


This short film was released on the Internet at 8:15 am on August 6, 2017, at the same time and day of the anniversary of the explosion of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The author has patented a “Radioactive Visualizer”, a device to visualize radioactivity, which is dangerously destructive and invisible, with a Geiger counter that allows to project the equivalent number of light particles, so as to make the danger visible and perceptible. Radioactivity penetrates the skin and cuts the DNA strand inside the cell, making it cancerous. Hatis Noit is a Japanese performer who lives in London. In her song there is a reference to the environmental disaster caused by the accident of the Fukushima nuclear power station on March 11, 2011. Why does Japan aim so much to nuclear energy? The director’s message is: “We pray not to repeat the same mistakes. We pray for all nuclear weapons to disappear forever from the world “.


NOBUMICHI ASAI graduated from the Department of Sciences at the Tohoku University. He is a world famous multimedia artist, acclaimed for the “face mapping” of Lady Gaga at the 2016 Grammy and INORI (Prayer) with AyaBambi. He leads the media art and map projection sector both nationally and internationally with “Connected Colors” for the global Intel campaign, the “Light of Birth”, laser hologram exhibited at the Milan Triennale and “Ghost in the Shell Virtual Reality Diver”, “OMOTE” and “FACE-HACKING”. He is also invited to participate in media art festivals all over the world as a main speaker and judge. His works challenge the visual arts, mixing artistic talent and technical skills.




Directed by, screenplay: Ali Erfan Farhadi; Photography: Hesam Movaffagh; Editing: Sina Nafiyan; Music: Alireza Shirinfard, Iran, 2017, 2’


Contacts: Ali Erfan Farhadi, cinema.love.cinema@gmail.com


Some children aged 5 to 10 are playing in the street pretending to make a film. The director has tough attitudes, but the arrival of his father will abruptly stop the “shooting”.



AS A LITTLE BIRD I… (Ja mina nagu linnukene)

Directed by, scenography, animation, photography: Yyhely Hälvin; screenplay:

Yyhely Hälvin, Priit Pärn, Eva Liisa Sepp, Liis Talimaa; Editing: Olga Pärn, Priit Pärn; music Sophie Petkevich,

Estonia, 2016, 7’


Contacts: yyhely.halvin@gmail.com


Birdcage girl goes to the forest to pick some berries. She meets a dark cat which threatens her. What will happen to the bird in the cage?


YYHELY HÄLVIN was born in Põlva and attended the Estonian Academy of Arts. Ja mina nagu linnukene is her first film and it was selected by many international film festivals.


Tuesday 20 March, 6.00 pm, Odeon Cinema, Spazio Sal8tto

Saturday 24 March, 3.00 pm, Odeon Cinema, Spazio Sal8tto





Total time 70’18 ”

12 Short films



PER ME IL CINEMA È…  (Times are changing)


Directed by: Lorenzo Turreni as part of the cinema workshop, Ettore Majorana High School, Orvieto; Editing and sound: Antonio Sessa; Set design: Elena Petrocco, Italy, 2018, 5’


Cast: Lorenzo, Virginia, Gianluca

Contacts: coccimiglio.simona@majoranaorvieto.org


How do new generations enjoy a film today? Lorenzo and Virginia are struggling to understand Grandpa Alfio’s desire to be able to enjoy a film in a beautiful movie theater again (dressing up, going out, buying a ticket … what a pain!)




Directed by, screenplay, Photography, editing, animated by: Marat Narimanov; Music: Alexander “Q” Kusev, Kira Zvezdun, Karina Zvezdun, Russia, 2016, 4’


Contacts: tmutarakansk@gmail.com


The history of humanity and our planet in four minutes. An eco-friendly statement developed in a single shot that contains everything: humor, action and tragedy.



MARAT NARIMANOV was born in 1981 in Moscow, Russia. He graduated as a cameraman and later as a director. For several years he worked in Moscow’s theaters. He currently works as an illustrator (for the books “Chudaki” and “Tmutarakanskie Baiki” by Valerii Narimanov) and is the author of documentaries and animated films. Filmography: “Enlightenment” (2013) screened at more than 30 international festivals; “It’s OK” (2015) screened at about 35 international festivals; “Big Booom” (2016) selected by about 50 film festivals, awarded with the Coup de Coeur Canal + in Clermont-Ferrand 2017.



TÜHI RUUM (Empty Space)

Directed by, screenplay, editing: Ülo Pikkov; Photography: Raivo Möllits;

Set design: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg; Sound: Horret Kuus; Animated by: Marili Sokk; Music:

Pärt Uusberg; Production: Nukufilm OÜ/Andrus Raudsalu, Estonia, 2016, 10’


Contacts: kerdi@nukufilm.ee


This animated short film is inspired by the true story of Leonhard Lina, an officer of the Estonian army who, under Soviet occupation, joined the Soviet army. During the war, he is captured and later released by the Germans. At the end of the conflict, when he learns that he would be confined to Siberia because he had helped the enemies, he builds a small hiding place and stays eleven years underground, wondering and dreaming about what his relatives and loved ones are  doing. To endure the loneliness he builds an exact copy of his apartment as if it were a doll’s house. After Stalin’s death (1953), when he comes out of his refuge, he gives the doll’s house to his daughter. The doll’s house which is the film set, is just the original one.


ÜLO PIKKOV is a world famous filmmaker, producer and scholar, born in 1976. He studied animation at the Academy of Arts of Turku, Finland and since 1996 has directed several award-winning animated films (“Empty Space”, “Tik-Tak”, “Body Memory “,” The End “,” Dialogos”). Ülo is the author of the legendary textbook “Animasophy”, “Theoretical Writings on the Animated Film”(2010). He is currently completing his PhD at the Estonian Academy of Arts and working as a manager and producer for documentary and animation films for the Silmviburlane production company in Tallinn.




Directed by: Michela Donini and Roberto Paganelli (OTTOmani Association); Authors of texts and animations: students of the 3^A class of the secondary school “F.M.Zanotti”, Bologna; Poetic writing workshop, Roberto Pasquali (A.I.P.I. – Intercultural Association), Italy, 2016, 6’18”


Rights between reality and imagination: an animated film made by students of the 3 ^ A class of the Secondary School “Zanotti” of Bologna, interpreting some rights of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The short film is the result of the workshop of mapping of the territory following a path of historical knowledge of the territory through the historical toponymy, a path of poetic writing and finally the realization of the animated film.


The OTTOmani Cultural Association was founded in 2006 from its founders’ previous experiences of teaching and filmmaking. It develops and realizes educational, recreational and formative proposals in the audiovisual language, in the construction of artifacts, in the exploration of materials and in the discovery of the universe of sound. The main feature of the OTTOmani Association’s activity is the design and creation of animation film studios in international film festivals, schools and extra-curricular situations.




Directed by: Lucia Maria Merone as part of the cinema workshop at the Artistic Institute “Giordano Bruno”, Grumo Nevano, Italy, 2018, 6’


Contacts: 347 9314851


Francesco, an 18-year-old boy, faces a normal school day. Because of a friend who discourages him, relying on his weaknesses, he has difficulty to deal with what he is afraid of: greeting Alice, the girl he is in love with, talking with his classmates and setting out a topic in an oral test. After the umpteenth bad mark, he will confront the bad advisor, during a heated discussion. No longer being subjected to her influence, the day will start afresh, Francesco will make very different choices, facing them with courage.



MI MEJOR ENEMIGO: Todos tenemos miedos (My best enemy: We all have fears)

Directed by and photography: Marcela Taracido; Screenplay: Ana Veiga; Editing: Ana Veiga, Marcela Taracido; Music:  Inés Mirás, Spain, 2017, 3’


Contacts: aturuxofilms@gmail.com


We are all victims of fear!


MARCELA TARACIDO is a student at the IES of Cacheiras, Spain.




Directed by, screenplay, photography, editing: Claudio D’Avascio, as part of the cinema workshop by Movie lab Arci Movie, Institute ISIS R. Livatino of Naples, Italy, 2017, 5’


Cast: The students of Movie lab Arci Movie


Contacts: 081 5967493


The short movie narrates, through the flow of the days of the week, the obsessive and violent relationship of a boy with his new girlfriend. As the days go by, the course of a “love story” and its tragic conclusion is documented.


CLAUDIO D’AVASCIO begins his career in RAI (Italian Television), working on numerous television productions. In 2006, he becomes a freelancer and wins several awards in the animated short film sector. In 2006, he specializes in the music video industry debuting with a video entirely in computer graphics for the well-known Italian artist Neffa (Cambierà – Sony / BMG).Later, he works with such artists as Raf, Sugarfree, Peppino Di Capri, Cecilia Gayle and many others. In 2015, he created for RAI the miniseries “Ispettore Coliandro” and the commercials for the same series for RAI DUE. He actively collaborates with film associations in the Campania region and in training schools, teaching filming techniques and direction.




Directed by, scriptment, screenplay: Ali Kareem Obaid; Photography: Matteo De Angelis; Editing: Victor Rosalini Spacek. Baburka Production, Italy, Iraq, Germany, United Arab Emirates, 2016, 8’


Cast: Basil Al Ali, Faisal Dasser, Mohamed Zouaoui, Sara El Debuçh, Wolf Layban


Contacts: aalikareem84@gmail.com


Set on the background of ISIS’s imposition of “jizya” or the tax on non-Muslims in the occupied territories, a Christian family devises a plan to protect its only daughter. However, their solution, dictated by the dramatic circumstances, ends up having more tragic consequences than expected.


ALI KAREEM OBAID, born in 1984, is an Iraqi director. In 2011, he graduates as theatrical director at the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Baghdad. In 2016, he completes his Master’s in “Choreography and Performance” at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Gieen University (Germany). His first short film “Hassan in Wonderland” has been invited by 45 festivals all over the world, winning seven awards, and finally the “Van Gogh Award for Best Family Film” at the Amsterdam Film Festival 2015.



Directed by, screenplay: Seyyed Parviz Shojaei; Photography: Hassan Nahi; Editing: Mohammad Esfandiari; Composer: Ali Gorgin; Production: Seyyed Sajjad Qafelebashi,  Iran, 2018, 7’


Cast: Hossein Darolhekma, Mohammadhosein Mokhtari, Bahador Sharifi, Katayoon Manavi, Amirhosein Naghdi, Parviz Shojaei


Contacts: mohammaddoost.majid@gmail.com


This short film recalls a very sad page of American history: the massacre of Tulsa in the State of Oklahoma (Tulsa Race Riot) that occurred between May 31 and June 1, 1921, when a mass out of control of white Americans attacked the residents and businesses of the African American community throughout the Greenwood borough, causing more than 300 casualties and the destruction of 126 homes.


SEYYED PARVIZ SHOJAEI was born in Tehran in 1984. He graduates as director at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society and is a member of the Iran’s Script Writers Society; winner of the “Best Screenplay” award at the Tasnim Film Festival and at the Bal-e Zarrin Film Festival.




Directed by, screenplay, photography, editing, animation: Margaret Emdal; Distribution: Margaret Emdal, Film+Design; Norway, 2016, 9’


Contacts: maemda@me.com


The film is dedicated to the variety and richness of Mother Earth and to all her creatures with wings. A journey from South to North, from heat to cold, from light to darkness. The world has great beauty, but it can also be a dangerous place. After a long and terrible journey, Red falls into the snow. Silver rescues him… the two become friends, head south and face new adversities. Only by helping one another, it is possible to survive.


MARGARET EMDAL was born in Stranda, Norway. She studied visual communication in Münster, Germany. She worked as a graphic designer and animator for various media and TV. She has also taught art and animation in several schools. She now lives and works in Oslo as a director and independent animation graphic. She created the animated short films “Heartattack” (1992) and “Tango Caramba” (1997) and a large number of animated titles for TV and film.



Directed by, screenplay, photography, editing: Oriol Puig; Animation: Hugo García; Music: Fernando Viciconte, Spain, 2016, 4’


Contacts: oriol.puig@trizz.tv


“Save Me” is a music video that tells, by images, the torment of the creative process of young Rafa, with waves of inspiration, frustration, anger and surprise, when energy is uncontrollable, as well as the fear of not being able to channel it.


ORIOL PUIG collaborated to the realization of many commercials.




Directed by, screenplay, editing, music: Julián Candón; photography: José Antonio Gutiérrez; Production: El Tercer Amigo Entertaiment, Spain, 2017, 3’


Cast: Julián Candón, Julián Candón Jr.


Contacts: Agencia FREAK internacional@agenciafreak.com


In full adolescence, Javi must submit to a hard and intense training to learn how to play football. Although he does not yet have clear ideas about his future, he knows what he does not like to do.


JULIÁN CANDÓN is an actor and director born in Frontera (Cádiz) in 1974 and known for the films: “Crack” (2017), “La isla minima” (2014) and “La peste” (2018).