Bologna, Cinema Odeon, Martedì 21 marzo , ore 21,00
Bologna, Cinema Odeon, Lunedì 27 Marzo, ore 9,30

Bologna, Cinema Odeon Tuesday, March 21st, 9.00 PM 
Bologna, Cinema Odeon Monday, March 27th, 9.30 AM 
YELLOW FLOWERS ON THE GREEN GRASS (Tôi thay hoa vang trên co xanh) 
Director: Victor Vu 
Screenplay: Viet Linh, Victor Vu, Doan Nhat Nam 
Cinematography: Nguyen K’Linh 
Editing: Thang Vu, Nguyen Duc Minh, Vo Dinh Hoang 
Soundtrack: Christopher Wong, Garret Crosby 
Music played by: The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra – SIF309 
Art direction and costumes: Ghia Ci Fam 
Production: Galaxy Media and Entertainment Joint Stock Company 
International distribution: Fortissimo 
Country: Vietnam, 2015, 103’ 
Cast: Thinh Vinh, Trong Khang, Thanh My, My Anh, Cong Huan, Duc Sang, Mai The Hiep, Mai Tran, Le Binh, Le Vinh, Truong Tu Lien, Nguyen Anh Tu, Khanh Hien 
In competition at Cannes Film Festival, Vietnam candidate at the Academy Awards 2016 for the category “Best Foreign Language Film”. In December 2015, the film was won four awards at the 19th Vietnam Film Festival. In September 2016, the film was awarded the prize as Best Movie at the International Silk Road Festival of Fujian, China. 
Presenting the film and holding a Q&A is Lê Thị Bích Hườn, president of the Italia-Vietnam association “Ponte tra Culture” 
Thieu, twelve years old, and his brother Tuong, nine years old, live in a small village. Their bond is strong, even if jealousy sometimes peeps out. Their parents work hard and the boys spend their days alone at home or wandering. They love to hear legendary stories told by one of their young relatives. Thieu, shy and passionate about poetry, falls in love with Moon, his classmate: still not completely aware of his feelings, tries to hide his emotions. Tuong, more outgoing and uninhibited, plays with Moon, provoking the jealousy of his older brother. Thieu punishes Tuong, causing him a serious disease. The child, bedridden, receives mysterious and beautiful yellow flowers as a gift... We just have to find out who is the benefactress. The Vietnamese-American director Victor Vu has chosen to adapt for the screen the novel of the same name by Nguyen Nhat Anh (published in 2010) which is a best seller in Vietnam. The story is set in the late '80s in a small village mostly inhabited by farmers who work in the nearby countryside. Pictures of an uncontaminated landscape flow on the screen (the wonderful province of Phu Yen, in central Vietnam), in a historical period, not far in time, which preceded the start of the current economic boom and industrialization and the relationships between the characters follow the ones which previously existed between members of the families of farmers. This is one of the reasons for the extraordinary success that this film obtained in Vietnam, the older viewers mirrored themselves in the characters and, remembering their childhood, were overwhelmed by nostalgia and emotion, while the younger ones identified themselves in the protagonist children, because feelings (the excitement of first love, jealousy between siblings, the tenderness of friendship) are universal and timeless. Victor Vu’s cinema is a cinema of poetry capable to gently tell the secret impulses of the heart. 

Victor Vu was born in 1975 in California. He is considered one of the best directors of Vietnam. He graduated in Cinema at the Loyola Marymount University of Los Angeles. He directed many short movies and features such as: Passport to Love (2009) and Battle of the Brides (2011) which earned the approval of film critics in his country.