Winners 2017

Winners of the 11th edition of the Youngabout international film festival

 Professionals’ competition:


First it aroused our curiosity, then it convinced us for the innovative eccentricity with which it deals with the subject of recycling. It is never banal, on the contrary it skillfully uses black humor keeping a balance between levity and the grotesque element.


ex aequo


Ladrones de tiempo

The film struck us for its peculiar subject and the skillful work on photography, and most of  all on editing, that emphasize the reflection carried on by the story on the imprisonment caused  by monotony and the importance of breaking it. Moreover, it makes us understand how necessary it is to devote our time not only to work, but also to our loved ones.


Amateurs’ competition


In a simple minute, it speaks of the seconds that go by, in a nice and light way, succeeding in making you laugh. The graphic design is mastered with competence and shows no signs of the imperfections 

hat one might expect from a first work.


Schools’ competition

 Friendzone, bloccati in un'amicizia

The jury has chosen Friendzone, bloccati in un'amicizia because it makes you smile by means of unpredictable tricks.  What’s more, while dealing with a widely treated subject, the fear of showing and revealing one’s feelings, it shows  some original ideas that prevent it from becoming banal.


Feature films


Best film and best directing:

 A peine j'ouvre les yeux

The award goes to A peine j’ouvre les yeux which manages to speak of Ben Ali’s regime in Tunisia, showing a valuable point  of view that never falls into banal clichés. With its warm atmosphere and far-away – but also very close – themes, it has  won the jury over. First of all, the perfect soundtrack makes the film worthy to be seen.  The main actress’s performance is remarkable too, through which the whole story passes, till the last, cathartic song with her mother. Finally, we have also appreciated how the themes  are treated in a such a way that they don’t become over-distressing when it isn’t necessary and, at the same time, how the most dramatic passages are dealt with with consciousness. 

Best film for teenagers:

 My name is Emily

The jury has chosen My name is Emily as it manages to combine the seeming lightness of a story 

for teenagers and the ability to make you think, providing deeper food for thought. In particular, the leading character’s monologues 

also show eccentric keys to the narrated events. We’ve also especially admired the photography 

and the colors, that enhance the road-movie nature of this film.


Best photography:

Yellow flowers on the green grass

The prize goes to director of photography K'Linh Nguyen for his ability to put photography at the service  of the narrated story, showing the beauty and brightness of the landscapes, with the vast green meadows  and the farmed fields, the transparency of the rivers, the "natural light" of interiors and, at the same time, skillfully lighting up the faces of the starring kids, enhancing their performances.


Best performance by an actor/actress:

 The world of us

The prize goes to the outstanding Choi Soo-in, starring in the Korean film The world of us, a very young actress who, with an admirable spontaneity and an amazing talent, is able to convey to the audience what is not said, making the secret impulses of the heart visible