Bologna, Cinema Odeon, Mercoledì 22 marzo, ore 9,30

 Bologna, Cinema Odeon, Wednesday March 22nd, 9.30 AM 




Screenplay and Director: Ga Eun Yoon 

Cinematography: Ji-hyeon Kim, Jun-Won Min 


Production: Soon-mo Kim 


Country: South Korea, 2016, 95’ 

Cast: Soo-In Choi 


In competition at the Berlin Film Festival 2016 and at Far East Film Festival 2016; Blue Dragon Awards 2016 as Best New Director ti Ga Eun Yoon; KOFRA Film Awards, Best Independent Film 2017; Korean Association of Film Critics’ Awards 2016, Best New Director Ga Eun Yoon, Ten Best Films of the Year 


Young director Ga Eun Yoon has the ability to tell, with great prowess, a credible and touching story through images, setting the lens of the camera at baby level, catching her eye, capturing her movements, even the most imperceptible: she portrays Sun, 10 years old. She is a sensitive, polite and reserved girl who lives a difficult situation at home because of straitened circumstances. At school, the situation is even worse! Bora, the "leader" of the group of classmates, who rules with a rod of iron, doesn’t spare Sun mocking and pitying glances, orchestrating, to her detriment, cruel jokes, like giving her an invitation for his birthday party with the wrong address or asking her to prepare charming wire bracelets for this same occasion. But, shortly after the start of the summer holidays, Sun meets Jia, a girl of her who has just moved into the neighborhood. Jia is outgoing and resourceful, and the two girls become friends right away. Jia is happy to spend much time in Sun's home and sometimes they take care of her little brother. For the entire summer, Sun feels happy and relieved to have finally found a good friend. But things change when school starts again and Jia arrives in the same class of Sun. Now, Jia has to her place within school groups and the friendship between the two girls is put to the test, also because of the negative influence of Bora. The director describes the complicated emotions of these girls in a very intimate and delicate way that we feel pushed into their world. 


Yoon Ga Eun was born in South Korea in 1982. In 2005, she graduated Sogang University (B.A.) and in 2010, entered the Korea National University of Arts. Her first short film The Taste of Salvia is of 2009. It follow several films including Proof (2010) and Guest (2011), which won the Grand Prix in the international competition at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2012. Her short movie Sprout, earns the Crystal Bear for Best Short Film at the Berlin International Film Festival. Her feature film “The World of Us” wins the Generations Section of the Berlin International Film Festival