TALE OF THE THREE JEWELS - (Il racconto dei tre diamanti)

Bologna, Martedì 28 marzo ore 10,00

 Bologna, Tuesday, March 28th, 10.00 AM 

Director: Michel Khleifi 
Subject: Olivia Bruynogh 
Screenplay: Michel Khleifi 
Cinematography: Raymond Fromont 
Music: Abed Azrie 
Editing: Ludo Troch 
Country: Palestine, UK, Belgium, 1995, 104’ 
(Film of the Heart from Un film nello zaino, 2000) 
Cast: Raida Aidon, Bushra Karaman, Mohammed Nahnal, Hana’ Nc’mch 
Presented at the Cannes Film Festival, Directors’ Fortnight 1995 
Presenting the film and holding a Q&A is journalist Filippo Vendemmiati 
Gaza: in a land ravaged by war, children and boys continue to play and to dream. For one of them, adolescence is the time to prove his bravery in a test in which reality is mixed with fantasy. Israel, 1994. It is the imagination which helps Youssef to survive in a camp in the Gaza Strip: he is a Palestinian twelve year old boy, son of the Intifada. His father is in prison and his brother is wanted by the Israeli army. He lives with his mother and sister, and gifted by an extraordinary sensitivity, turns away from this sad reality, relying on imagination and creativity. Youssef, expert of the oasis, thanks to his naïve aspect, is the only one that can run into the tall palm trees and bring food to her brother and his fugitive friends. The house where he lives is modest, but clean and tidy and you breathe love, not hatred or desire for revenge. Life inside and outside the house: inside, a peace made of smiles and outside the reality of escaping, armed clashes with the occupiers, the cries of the strikers, but also friends, shops, street vendors and neighbors’ houses. One day, while he is trying to capture the birds in an orange grove, he hears some children talking. They hang round a young girl who fascinates them with stories a bit disturbing. She talks about hidden "genies" and the voracious spirits. They feel his presence, and face him in a struggle. So Youssef accuse the girl to tell imaginary stories just to scare the others. The two are one in front of the other. It is the encounter. Aida is beautiful and mysterious and belongs to a family of gypsies which passes down a magical knowledge. Youssef falls in love and the intensity of his feeling makes him almost sick. To win his love, he imagines to face a trial. 
MICHEL KHLEIFI is one of the most representative figures of the Palestinian cinema of the ‘80s. Born in Nazareth in 1950, he completed his studies in Brussels, graduating at INSAS in 1977. In 1980 he made his debut feature film The fertile memory. His second feature film, Wedding in Galilee, successfully presented at Directors’ Fortnight in 1988, is a moving and vibrant reflection on the difficulty of achieving in the occupied territories the peaceful coexistence of Jews and Arabs. His third feature film is Song of Stone. Michel Khleifi completed in 1993 his fourth feature: The Order of the Day. In 1994 he directed Hikayatul Jawahiri thalath (The Tale of the Three Diamonds) successfully presented at Cannes in 1995 at Directors’ Fortnight. In 1995 he filmed the documentaries You, me, Jerusalem and Forbidden Marriages in the Holy Land.