Bologna, Quartiere Santo Stefano, Sala del Silenzio, Mercoledì 22 marzo, ore 17
Bologna, Cinema Odeon, Giovedì 23 marzo ore 9,30

Bologna, Quartiere Santo Stefano, Sala del Silenzio, Wednesday, March 22nd, 5.00 PM 
Bologna, Cinema Odeon, Thursday, March 23rd, 9.30 AM 
Director: Giuseppe Piccioni 
Screenplay: Giuseppe Piccioni, Pierpaolo Pirone, Chiara Atalanta Ridolfi 
Cinematography: Claudio Cofrancesco 
Editing: Alice Roffinengo 
Music: Valerio G. Faggioni 
Production: 11 March Film and Publispei with Rai Cinema 
Distribution: BIM 
Country: Italy, 2016, 120’ 
Presented in the competition section at the Venice Film Festival, 2016; Soundtrack Stars Award Best Soundtrack to Valerio C. Faggioni 
The film is presented by Giuseppe Piccioni 
Four friends - many uncertainties about their choices and a sad secret of one of them. A journey started almost for fun that becomes an adventure that eventually leads them to believe again in the future. Anna, Caterina, Angela and Liliana, four girls in their twenties who have to face compelling choices about work, motherhood, family and disease, they have to give them a name, a path or they simply have to answer. Caterina, the most independent of the four, dark look, with Maupassant on her bedside table, a priest brother, wants to leave for Belgrade, where a friend has found a job for her as a waitress in a starred restaurant. Anna is a young violinist who is expecting a baby, but with her young boyfriend, a violinist too, does not seem to have clear ideas about what to do. Angela, the most self-confident and casual with a problematic boyfriend and Liliana, who is finishing her thesis, hairdresser assistant of a child-mother and with a diagnosed cancer that takes the breath away. Nothing is explained, showed, underlined in order to understand what bound the four girls together in the past. Everything about the present gradually emerges from their looks, their words, their gestures. Embarked on the project to “escape”, the journey on the other side of the Adriatic to accompany Caterina to Belgrade starts to pierce the fate, to open different and possible windows. 

Giuseppe Piccioni born in Ascoli Piceno on July the 2nd 1953, attended in the early 80's the Gaumont Film School, founded by Roberto Rossellini, and graduated in Sociology at the University of Urbino. He makes several short films and works in advertising then, after having founded the production company Vertigo, debuts in 1987 with his first feature film, “Il grande Blek”. In 1991 with “Ask for the Moon” Piccioni wins the Grolla d'Oro for best director, while the main character Margherita Buy is awarded with the Sacher d'Oro. Then he directs “Diary of a Man Condemned to Marriage” and “Penniless Hearts”. In 1999 he directs “Fuori dal Mondo” that receives great acclaim from audiences and critics alike and wins 5 David di Donatello awards and 4 Golden Ciak. In 2001 Piccioni takes part in the 58th Venice Film Festival with “Light of My Eyes” and the two main characters, Luigi Lo Cascio and Sandra Ceccarelli, win the Coppa Volpi award. Then he directs “The Life That I Want”, a beautiful film about the feelings and the art of actor, in 2009 “Giulia doesn’t Date at Night”, in 2012 “The Red and the Blue”, about school that wins the Golden Ciak and in 2016 “Questi giorni”.