Fuori concorso Bologna, Cinema Odeon, Venerdì 24 marzo, ore 10,00

Bologna, Cinema Odeon Friday, March 24th, 10.00 AM 
Director: Enza Negroni 
Cinematography: Roberto Cimatti AIC 
Editing: Corrado Iuvara AMC 
Music: Giorgio Canali and MaterElettrica / School of Electronic and Practical Music of the Conservatory “E.R. Duni” in Matera 
Produced by: Giovanna Canè and Enza Negroni 
Production: Oltre Il Ponte & Edenrock in collaboration with the Emilia Romagna Region, with the contribution of IBC Movie, Unipol Banca, Illumia 
Country: Italy, 2016, 74’ 
Cast: Max Zancuoghi and the Giallo Dozza team of Bologna 
The film is presented by Enza Negroni, Giovanna Cané, Max Zancuoghi 
The sad reality of prison is diluted on a playing field. The hard training and the respect of rules give back a purpose to existences convicted to serve their mistakes. Looking the images of the documentary La prima meta we are swallowed up by the crescendo of emotions evoked by the enterprises of a group of young men locked up in the Dozza prison in Bologna. They have the opportunity to participate in the selection to join the rugby team. Why this sport? This precious filmed testimony leads us to participate in the consciousness rising of the new players who, like many spectators, didn’t know and don’t know the dynamics and rules of this discipline, at the base of which it is possible to identify some key-words: choice, trial, rules, game, trust, respect, 
courage, strength, perseverance, amusement, freedom of movement, energy... and many others. In forty are admitted to the team. They have different ages, some are very young, twenty-year-old, the older prisoners are thirty-five. It’s not only their sentence to be different (from four years to life sentence), Giallo Dozza is a multiethnic team: the members are from different nationalities, each one prays his God and even if they speak a different language they are brought together by the common language of sport. Their league, which is the C2 championship of the Italian Rugby Federation, considers only games “at home”. They are trained by the charismatic Massimiliano Zancuoghi. Every week the Giallo Dozza play at home to their opponents in the field of the prison, behind closed doors and with almost empty bleachers and stands. 

ENZA NEGRONI directed the feature film “Jack Frusciante Left the Band” produced by Medusa; the memofilm “La mia Bologna in Mercedes”, Cineteca di Bologna; many documentaries among which: “Viaggio intorno a Thelonius Monk”, with Stefano Benni, Feltrinelli, “Le acque dell’anima” with Bjorn Larsson and “Istanbul” with Nedim Gursel, “Movie Movie” for Rai Educational, “Antonio Canova and Caterina De Medici”, Roberta Barboni for FMR, “La valigia di Agafia”, Proposta Video, “Lo chiamavamo Vicky”, Pulsemedia in international competition at the Biografilm Film Festival in 2012, for RAI 150 years “Letture dal Risorgimento” and “Visioni d’Italia”, Movie Movie. She directed and produced five biographies: Luigi Pedrazzi, Cecilia Matteucci, Marino Golinelli, Pierluigi Cervellati, Franco Pannuti.