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Support the activities of the Association of Social Promotion Gli anni in tascaindicating our Tax Code (codice fiscale) 91162390370 the box of 5x1000 tax return. For us it is an indispensable aid, to be able to continue to offer, to boy and girls who follow our activities, a quality program.


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The Youngabout Film Festival program is ready!

So much work, endless research to select long or short films from around the world, original narratives, poetic, intense, exciting, youthful universe-oriented, but not detached from the problems of this complex and contradictory world, alive with violence and unexpected sweetness, solidarity actions and overt injustices. The language of art can soothe wounds, overcome discouragement, encourage to hope that the good can prevail and the voices of dissent may pave the way for those who don't agree to live by the dictates of a blind determinism and a cold, impersonal dictatorship of consumer society, which seeks to transform the culture to phenomenon of marketing, promotion, object between inanimate and interchangeable objects. Youngabout Film Festival and the review Un film nello zaino reject this drift and they offer opportunities for meeting, deepening, weaving personal and intergenerational relationships with the common denominator of love for quality cinema, reading, art and experimental forms of expressive languages within a year.

New alliances are born such as the ones with the Cineclub Bellinzona, Costa social centre and Conservatory of G. B. Martini. Others become established, like the ones with Kinodromo and Alliance Française and educational institutions supported by strong ideals and common training, to strengthen and increase the opportunities to spread a "distinctive" cinema, or invisible and a creative approach to the life.

For this ninth edition, Youngabout Film Festival confirms Premio Angelo Vassallo which aims to keep alive the memory of the man who conceived the politics as a service and was a tireless and fair Mayor, and bestows it to the Director called Pasquale Scimeca who is a cinema supporter with strong social commitment and great ethical value, with a rigorous, curt and simple style.

Youngabout is also an opportunity for fun and socializing, and there will be moments for musical and culinary sharing.
Angela Mastrolonardo

Some photosof the past editions